A hotel in Karuizawa where you can have an experience of highland vacation

A place where you can relax in a quiet forest. A small hotel with simple service, in a calm atmosphere, the beautiful scenery and refreshing breeze of Karuizawa offers a relaxing time.

You can also secure a private space and enjoying the stay of a highland resort house.

Located about 9 minutes by walk from the North exit of Nakakaruizawa Station, it is an ideal base for sightseeing, shopping and leisure.

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Advance Purchase: Book 60 days in advance and get a discount

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Spacious Japanese-style room 10 tatami mats with great garden view can accommodate up to 5 people. Western-style room can accommodate up to 4people

You can choose any room according to your stay purpose and number of people. All rooms are equipped with Free Wi-Fi


Training camp, training, semina

A coworking space surrounded by nature and art works of Karuizawa viewed from an open window.

Supports small-scale meetings( 50 ppl ), training, seminars, events, training camps, and resort remote-work。

Introduction of meals.
Meals are prepared using plenty of local ingredients.
For dinner, you can enjoy Shinshu Miso Nabe (hot pot) that we are proud of.

Foods /Meals